Aquarius Child - January 21 to February 19

    Discover the dominant traits of the Aquarius child's astral personality and how you can help stimulate their healthy development.

    The Aquarius child is the most original and experimental native of all the signs of the Zodiac. He marches to the beat of his drum. Your little Aquarian has an eccentric and vibrant temperament and loves to talk about intriguing topics and tell jokes. He hates gratuitous authority and following orders just for the sake of it. The native Aquarius has an uncommon knack for making friends and an enormous capacity for socializing. He hates being spoken to in a "baby voice," as he is self-aware from a young age. Of temperament fair, passionate about defending the rights of others, including animals and the planet - is an excellent activist and team leader.

    Characteristics of the Aquarius Sign

    • Date  - from January 21 to February 19 (+/-)
    • Keyword  - I UNDERSTAND
    • Attributes  - Authentic, agile, friendly, creative, direct, eccentric, elitist, caring, independent, inclusive, intolerant, logical, thorough, provocative, insightful, rebellious, reserved, friendly
    • Impulse  - Be free
    • Ruling Planet  -  Uranus  (in Modern Astrology)
    • Coregent Planet  -  Saturn
    • Element  -  Air
    • Quality  -  Fixed
    • House  -  Eleventh
    • Color  - Violet
    • Opposite sign  -  Leo

    Your Little Aquarius

    The Aquarius child stands out from all the others for his creativity and exuberant demeanor. He likes to be different and unique. He likes to imagine, invent, do and undo, dream, and collect new adventures. Fight for your individuality like no other zodiac sign. Your dedication to others is authentic and genuine. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see your child surrounded by friends, with many interests, and with social success. Although he is a pleasant person, he values and defends his space and privacy. He hates being treated like a baby, and he hates following directions without being told why. Somewhat naive and friendly by nature, the Aquarius child needs to be taught to recognize and prepare for the different realities that he will encounter throughout his life. He is free-spirited, and without any prejudice, he has to learn to move in various environments, even the most conservative. It is a way to protect your feelings and prevent negative criticism from affecting you emotionally. The personality of your Aquarius child is very optimistic. Even in the face of difficulties, you can have a positive attitude and recognize that there is always someone who needs more help. Aquarius is the most independent sign of the Zodiac. Although he gives himself a lot to others, he appreciates their privacy and needs to have his own space. This can make you inflexible, making your stubbornness challenging to deal with. Despite your open mind, once you've made up your mind, you're unlikely to change your mind. The Aquarius child has an erratic personality and unpredictable behavior. Great demands to be treated as an equal from a young age. He is a curious little guy who likes to touch and experiment with everything. Watch out for doors and cabinets. Don't be surprised if your Aquarius child takes something apart at home to see how it works and puts all the pieces back together. A rebel, she will soon reveal her humanitarian streak and an iron will to fight for the causes she believes in.

    Aquarius Child Personality


    • He has been a loyal friend for life
    • Eccentric and creative, he's a little genius
    • His unpredictable and good-natured demeanor cheers and amuses everyone
    • He loves to socialize and melts with animals
    • Has unusual willpower

    Can be difficult

    • Can be rebellious and stubborn
    • He's bold and nonconformist, and you never really know what to count on
    • He loves to surprise people with his eccentricities
    • You have difficulty sharing your space

    Some secrets

    • You don't spend too much time analyzing your feelings
    • Demand to be treated as an equal
    • You like to understand why you should act one way and not another

    Aquarius like

    • Think outside the box and show how smart you are
    • Browse all appliances in the house
    • Find out what others think
    • Act in the most extravagant way possible
    • Surprise others with your irreverent ideas
    • Defy conventions
    • Be different from others
    • Speak intelligently

    Aquarius does not like

    • Do what everyone else does.
    • The authority
    • To receive orders
    • Stay alone
    • Sitting at a table or standing for too long

    What the Aquarius Child Desires Most from His Parents

    Lover of independence and opponent of authority, the Aquarius child sees parents as the first obstacle to achieving long-awaited freedom and independence. But do not worry. Your little Aquarius quickly recognizes the importance of rules at home. However, that does not mean you follow them without resisting and negotiating. His rebellious temperament will always come out when push comes to shove. Living with the native Aquarius is always unpredictable. As he likes to surprise and show that he knows as much as an adult, you will never know very well what to count on. This unpredictability can turn into a challenge, precisely the challenge that Aquarius must overcome to give the world its stamp. Don't expect a straightforward discussion with your Aquarius child. You can be pretty determined to defend your point of view and your "rights," which you defend tooth and nail. He is not afraid to express his honest opinion, which may leave some parents clueless about dealing with him. Always make sure of the answer you give or risk hearing incorrect. Discipline and tenderness are the keys to taming this little restless. The Aquarius child sees parents as fellow travelers. Try to dose this companionship carefully because sometimes you may need to call your child to reason. Let him explore, think freely, and enjoy life. Discoveries, experiences, new people, and situations. All this fills the Aquarius child with joy and well-being. Respect their space, autonomy, and personality, and you will have all the tenderness in duplicate.

    How to Stimulate the Talents of your Aquarius Child

    The characteristics of your Aquarius child make him an exceptional child. To develop their gifts and talents, keep the following in mind when interacting with your Aquarius child:
    • Very creative and proactive, he wants to do things differently and innovate. Stimulate their creative spirit with new activities. Challenge him to get out of his comfort zone.
    • Although he is nonconformist and tolerant, the Aquarius child may need help to consider opinions different from his own.
    • The strong convictions and a desire to be different can lead to certain obstinacy. Guide your child, but let him think that the initiative and ideas are his.
    • Don't cultivate an image of perfection. Make an innocent blunder from time to time so your child has a chance to show that in some issues, he may even be better than you.
    • Teach your Aquarius child to keep proper distances from strangers. Your friendly nature can lead you to engage in risky behaviors and trust more than you should in people who do not deserve your trust.
    • Encourage your child to do community work. Involving him in noble causes will be a significant source of personal satisfaction. On the other hand, it can be a way to discover your humanitarian vocation and work for the benefit of all.
    • Treat the Aquarius child as an equal. Speak objectively, without making excuses or masking reality. Of course, the speech should be adapted to the child's age, but do not tell implausible stories because it will stop taking your opinion into account.
    • Go the negotiation route. Do not give orders or try to impose your will using the classic argument of many adults "because here I command." Explain your reasons clearly and try to reach a consensus. This will be a critical skill for your child's future.
    • Respect her place, her room, her space. Don't invade it when you feel like it. Your little Aquarian needs privacy and feels like he has his own space, where he dominates and controls everything. Instead of tidying up his room, ask him to do it himself.

    A Brief Note on Cusps

    Found on both sides of the cusp. If your child was born on the cusp of a Zodiac sign, that is, in the first or last days of the date range of each sign (or when he was born "between two signs"), it may reveal personality traits of the signs. If your child has a small cusp, check both signs, and you may discover some traits of both in your child's character.

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