Aquarius in Love: Romance and Affinity

    In love, Aquarius natives are splendid, exciting, and committed partners who contribute a lot of fun to the relationship.

    In love, Aquarius natives born between January 20 and February 18 (+/-) tend to take a long time to establish a long-term relationship and rarely choose someone who does not have a spirit and a multifaceted life. Masters of long-distance romance are stimulated by intelligence as by physical appearance.

    Aquarius in Positive Mode

    In love, Aquarius natives are splendid, exciting, and committed partners who contribute a lot of fun to the relationship. The priority is to be good friends with your partners. Aquarius natives are generally very reserved, making it challenging to create a relationship of deep intimacy and trust. But when offered freedom and trust, they are loyal and respectful people in their relationships. Once the right partner is found, the relationship will generally be a model of happiness.

    Aquarius in Negative Mode

    On its negative side, Aquarius lacks the willpower to set out on conquest and has difficulty committing. For the natives of this sign, any form of compromise is a secret plan to corner them and limit their independence. The natives of this sign are constantly looking for new and exciting connections with various people, which makes them considered promiscuous and rebellious. And if they find someone more exciting, they can abandon their partners and quickly forget them. Lack of emotional intelligence can be a severe problem in relationships. They often don't know how to make people feel appreciated or loved and seem cold and indifferent, relying too much on logic and rational thinking. Since they are rarely jealous, they do not respond well to displays of possessiveness and do not show tolerance when they recognize that trait in others.

    Aquarius Man in Love

    The Aquarius man has a strange way of reacting to love - he acts like he doesn't care when he's closer to falling in love. The native of this sign does not like to reveal his true feelings. His reactions and motives are complex, and the Aquarius man prefers to keep them that way for the simple pleasure of avoiding. In the field of love, this native likes to get involved in experiences, and his interests are scattered everywhere, so it is difficult for him to indulge and commit to a serious relationship. It is primarily because his love for people is impersonal - the Aquarius man values everyone he meets. When he allows himself to fall in love, he becomes an extraordinarily caring and caring lover. The Aquarius man is attracted to mystery and admires anyone who does not make concessions or burden him with promises and accusations amid tears. This native is not the type of man to court with extravagant gestures. But life with him can be pretty extravagant. They choose to have by their side not a simple lover but a companion. For them, the basis of relationships is a beautiful friendship, which does not make emotional demands on you. Aquarius man finds it difficult to relax with physical expressions of love. Jealousy is not your style. You are trusting your loved one until you have reasons not to. He will rarely be physically unfaithful. If the temptation to enter into an illicit romance arises, it will usually end abruptly.

    Aquarius Woman in Love

    The Aquarius woman is a colonial charm. She is funny, cheerful, and highly adaptable. In love, it is as paradoxical as in everything else. The native of this sign has all the fidelity of the Fixed signs when she is in love, but she also has the detachment and lack of emotion of the Air element. The demand for freedom of the native of this sign may be insistent, but her dedication to someone capable of accepting romance within those limits is infinite. However, it is only possible to have a happy relationship with an Aquarius woman if she is given the freedom to pursue her myriad interests and hang out with her friends. Trying to retain it is a mistake. The Aquarius woman has her code of ethics, and she fully honors it. You will never spend your life with a man who is not proper to himself. Given his impersonal nature, it will not be easy to express deep feelings. Your love may be tender and inspired, but there will always be a somewhat indefinable quality. Passion is not his strong suit, but he finds physical love quite enjoyable if not overemphasized. Your confidence in normal circumstances is a special bonus. A dishonest relationship goes against your chemistry, and it will simply disappear without a trace at the first test of infidelity. Although she may have peculiar relationships, it is rare for an Aquarius woman to have extramarital affairs.

    How Do Aquarius Natives Get Along with Other Signs?

    • Signs with greater affinity - Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
    • Signs with lower affinity - Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces

    Signs in Love

    Learn about the romantic characteristics associated with each of the natives of the Zodiac and how the signs behave in love. Remember that relationships are influenced by multiple variables, the astrological being only one. Will, commitment, and free will determine how relationships may or may not progress favorably. Regardless of their sun signs, any relationship between two people can work as long as both parties are willing to make it work. Assume this result with an open mind, without taking any recommendation based on what you read here to treat your relationships or assuming any impediment so that they work as you wish. We hope that this result shows the points of most excellent convergence with the person in question and that everything goes well in your relationship.