1. Aquarius will not share time and confidences with closed-minded people who do not know DIVERSITY.

Although they are a wonder of people, Aquarius cannot communicate with older adults.

2. Aquarius needs its independence like air to breathe, which is not negotiable.

If there is no independence and respect, there will not be an Aquarius around.

3. Aquarius is carried away more times by his heart than by reason. Incredible but true.

4. People with the same intelligence as a mosquito that has crashed into a glass are not very liked by Aquarius.

It is evident Aquarius NEVER discriminates, but talking with unintelligent people does not go much for him.

5. Aquarius does not and will not do what it is expected to do at all times.

That is to say, Aquarius does NOT follow patterns, rules, norms ... Aquarius makes and undoes as he pleases, at will, period.

6. Aquarius feels much better when it can help someone.

The feeling of doing good to a person who has more is beautiful for Aquarians. It feels so good doing it ...

7. The more freedom you receive from loved ones, the more at ease Aquarius feels.

Suppose Aquarius will not leave if he sees that there is a lot of respect for this issue. Nothing better than giving Aquarius wings to have Aquarius for life.

8. Aquarius, without wanting to or looking for it, ends up involved in some dispute that has nothing to do with their desire to help others.

First, he will help, and then he ends up in the fight. Not always, but sometimes.

9. If you want someone to play your mother and your lover at the same time, simultaneously, don't call Aquarius, ever.