How Aquarius Flirts Vs How It Is With a Couple

    How you flirt:

    Honestly, Aquarius, when you flirt, you do it with your intelligence, with all that information you keep in your head, with your arguments. You are an exciting person who knows almost everything. You are natural and spontaneous, rebellious, kind, and all those qualities attract a lot of the attention of others. If you don't know, you listen. You leave your mouths open every time you release a word from your mouth; you talk about how you pursue your dreams how others should pursue them. You are a great game, and you know it, and anyone who speaks two words to you is stunned.

    How you behave in a serious relationship:

    You do not change, and when you finally start a serious relationship, you give everything Aquarius. You are still optimistic, but you are also real. You try not to hurt the feelings of anyone, much less your partner, and you help him evolve constantly. Seriously, Aquarius, you are very big, and you need a real connection with that special someone. And you will fight to have it, and you will fight for it.