How to Conquer a Aquarius

    • Have a good heart, because even if you don't show your most sensitive side that first, you have it, Aquarius, and you like people who look like they are good.

    Without further ado, this is a significant priority for you. You may not have the most sticky and sensitive character in the world of first Aquarius, but you like people who look like they are good from the moment they walk through the door, it is incredible, but it can seduce you so much. To conquer you, you need a good heart, although that heart has many defects, on the contrary, that may be what attracts you the most at the end of everything.
    • With Creativity.

    Aquarius certainly couldn't expect less from you. You are more attracted to people who are like you, the creative ones, the ones who work hard so that you trust them. You like intelligent people who do things very different from everything else, those who stand out for some rare ability or fantastic creativity.

    • Your heart is conquered when you are not given what you ask to make you mad, create mystery, and start a game of dangerous seduction.

    It's complicated because, on the one hand, you like to be listened to when you speak, but on the other hand, you like to be surprised, made mad, and create a game and an atmosphere of passion and dangerous seduction. You like to be taken into account Aquarius. Still, you are very struck by people who do not do what they are expected to do, people who go against everything, who act in one way and then think about another, different people, strange, somewhat strange, but tremendously unique . Could it be that you reflect on them? To conquer you, you have to enter your game. There are no rules, but there is a lot of fun.
    • Want to be part of the select world of your heart, you have to have a very open mind.

    Understanding yourself is more complicated than lighting a match with the air and without any spark of Aquarius fire, and you know it perfectly. Often you do not understand yourself or you, but it is what it is; that is what it is about. Whoever wants to be with you must respect your world, personality, tastes, work, friends, and even your favorite perfume smell. It is what it is. You do not want someone by your side who judges you every two by three because that is not seduction. That is absolute disgust. You want someone who understands and understands that you are and will be the most beautiful and different natural disaster of all.
    • You like innovative but different people.

    The idea of sharing concerns, moments, and projects with someone who thinks just as strange, that Aquarius pretty seduce you. Someone with whom to share concerns, someone with whom to be YOU in its purest form without any fear of being different, someone who does not look at you as if wanting to tell you "I do not understand you, you are crazy" To conquer you, that someone It has to be an open and intelligent mind that is not from the time of the dinosaurs at least ...
    • To conquer your heart, you need a lot of Aquarius understanding.

    You like people who respect ideas, freedom, and everything that belongs to another Aquarius person. You like people who don't get angry because you are here today and tomorrow. You love people who care about you healthily and don't send you messages every two or three to find out where and with whom you are. You love that they understand you, that you love that they respect your times because yes, because you can be here today and tomorrow do PUM and be in a different place and not for that you are changeable, you are FREE Aquarius, and if they want to conquer you, that it has to be very clear and respected.
    • With rebel.

    Two rebels without a cause or with a cause together may be more potent than one, but even so, You will never defeat two rebels united. Aquarius, someone with the same rebellion or at least, with rebellion that can be similar to yours, is someone who could have many opportunities with you.