How to Know if Aquarius Man or Woman Is Fallen in Love

    When you fall in love, Aquarius, change the perspective and the way you see the world, and how you see yourself. In general, you are a somewhat reserved person when talking about yourself, and you are pretty introverted. But, when you are falling in love, you open that little shell that always wraps your heart. It is in that moment when you let others see you as you are when you let yourself see your interior and your feelings. Everyone knows perfectly, Aquarius, that you are a very different person from others. In addition, you are the type of person who does not completely care about criticism and what others think of you. It's true, Aquarius, as long as you're happy, you don't care about all that. But, indeed, you are usually a very reserved person with your feelings, and that is where most of your insecurities arise. But, as you fall in love, you feel that you need to get all that out of there and look for the support you need in the other person.

    You feel like you need to be 100% honest and give the other person all the loyalty and honesty they deserve.

    You know that you are falling in love because you realize that no one is stealing your freedom. If not, you do things because they are born from within you and that no one is forcing you to do anything. And this is the kind of love you want for the rest of your life. The love in which they respect you, and you feel respected. And as soon as you have this kind of love, you fall entirely at the feet of that person.

    You feel that you are in love because nobody forces you to do or feel. If not, you like spending time with that person, and you love that special connection you have when you are together.

    You know that what you feel is real, and you fall in love because you notice you need to open up to that person and be sincere with what you feel. Now you are no longer afraid to talk about your feelings or your darkest or most reserved parts. And you discover all this because you realize that you are in front of a person who feels something for you for being the way you are, and you know that he will never judge you for being an Aquarius.