If Aquarius Has Anxiety Now, This Is Why

    Take it easy, Aquarius, lately. You feel like you're a little more overwhelmed than usual. You know better than anyone what it is like to feel complete, powerful, successful. You have lived it, and right now, you are struggling to feel that way again. But one way or another, you feel that you are not connected to everything around you. It is as if you are isolated from everything else in the world. And it is that when you are not connected with others, the only thing that happens is that you lose your way, you lose focus, that anxiety enters you that makes you not be able to continue forward. Aquarius, even if they say that you are cold and do not have a heart, is all a lie. You are shy, but you are a super social person who makes you happy to surround yourself with people and enjoy their company. Aquarius, remember that you are someone very special, that you never forget. Whenever you feel nervous or out of place, think of everyone around you. You recognize that it is important to treat others as you would like them to treat you, so apply it to your life. It is not that you have misbehaved with anyone, simply that you had your mind on a thousand things, and you have not realized how important the people around you are.

    Right now, Aquarius, you are in the process of finding your connection with others, of determining what space each person occupies in your life.

    But don't worry, Aquarius, everything takes time, and you don't want to run before you know how to walk. You can't treat everyone the same because not everyone is the same to you. For now, don't be overwhelmed and embrace everything that you already know to be true.