The Most Beautiful Side of Aquarius

    Do you know the most beautiful thing you have in Aquarius? That you make the person next to you forget their cell phone and want to know more and more about you. Your intellect is in charge of working wonders when it comes to being well above the whole Aquarius world, but your intellect is to blame for people loving you for who you are and not for what you have.

    Seriously Aquarius, you talk, and everything stops. How do you do it?

    You have a natural charm that makes you fall in love, your originality when making plans elevates you to a difficult position. Seriously, you are one of those people who leave a mark without the need to stomp. Your essence takes care of it. The people around you know this Aquarius. They value you a lot for it even if they don't tell you as they should. They love you because you don't force them to do anything. After all, you don't eat their hearts out with your ideas. You give freedom to everyone, even Aquarius flies, and that is one of your main star characteristics, that you never cut the wings of someone who wants to fly. Even if they're going to fly away from you, you let it. Your ideas fall in love, but the strange way you have to execute them is what hooks everyone around you. If your inner beauty is out of this world, don't want even to imagine where your intellect is because, honestly, the power it has is supernatural.