What Annoies Aquarius Most in a Relationship

    Everyone is bothered by things, especially when you spend so much time with that person, even when you share everything with her. As you get to know your partner, you realize that some things get you out of your boxes and get on your nerves. You, Aquarius, are a person who is very in touch with your own emotions.

    It has cost you a lot to get to that place because emotions are not accessible. Of course, you always like to listen to what they say and contact them. And it bothers you a lot that they throw all that effort overboard.

    It drives you crazy when your partner doesn't take your emotions seriously or laughs or makes fun of such emotional people. You are not afraid to cry, spend time alone, and connect with yourself. And it seems disrespectful to you that there are people who think that crying makes you more vulnerable. For you, crying makes you stronger, and that makes you face your weaknesses. You can come to understand that there are people who have a hard time admitting what they feel at that moment or that it costs them something else to share their emotions, but you do not understand why they have to mess with other people's emotions. Aquarius, maybe your partner does that because he is afraid to show his most vulnerable side, and the only thing he can do is mess with the emotions of others. You have to try to make your partner see that crying is not bad and that it is essential to cry to get everything that is inside. Perhaps your partner does not yet know the importance of emotions in our life, and your mission is to teach them in the best possible way. Even if it gets on your nerves, Aquarius, face it and put your feet on the ground as it deserves. You can, Aquarius.