What Aquarius Looks for in Their Life Partner

    In your ideal life partner, you need a lot of freedom, good vibes, good vibes, and oxygen. Your ideal Aquarius travel companion would be someone with many wings, with a lot of intelligence, creativity, and a different appeal, something that sets them apart from others. You like to connect with people through conversations. You love to see how they move, how they act, the way they express themselves. You are a very observant Aquarius person, and you need someone similar to you.

    You need someone who is very worthy of your INNER SELF Aquarius

    Your fame is that of being a half-border person, sometimes cold and sometimes somewhat temperate, but who never stays in one place forever, who comes and goes and disappears, and that he seldom commits himself. They have no idea. They do not know anything about you. What you need is someone who understands that, who knows that you do not leave because you want to, that what you need is oxygen, and that before you walk, you are a free spirit, and that is why you are not going to stay in one place forever. Someone who understands and understands and does not judge or contradict accepts and does not intend to change you, Aquarius. Someone who knows how to press the button of your emotionality, someone to talk to is a pleasure Aquarius, someone who makes your emotions come to light and does not scare you, that above all, you need someone who knows how to give you space and affection in equal parts, as you like. Some people say that what you need is a seer to understand you and thus please you, a perfect joke. You need a person who is almost like you, flows like air, has fun, and sociable, and makes routine a luxury. So clear.