What Aquarius Should Adviced in December

    Breathe, take things easy. The good things will come. Come on, Aquarius, there is very little left until the end of the year, and suddenly, you are much more nervous, as if you wanted all things to add up as if you want everything to fall into place. But NOW. Take your time and do not decide hastily, and much less now. Relax your mind and go out to enjoy and burn energy. Spend more time with yours. You need it. You should set yourself at least one day to get out of the Aquarius routine, to completely disconnect from all those day-to-day situations that make you feel stressed.

    Everything takes time, and you have the whole month of December to get rid of what you don't like, Aquarius, what has been holding you back from doing other things, what has stopped you.

    You will start 2019 with brutal energy and strength but now let things take their course and have a little patience. Not everything will be placed in one day, but it will be done before the year begins.