What Aquarius Should Let Go in December

    You must stop overthinking

    Aquarius, you are an air sign, which leads to thinking, at least, more than the other signs. The problem is that it often becomes annoying to stay in a thought stuck for hours and even days. Things happen for a reason, even though we cannot always see it. So, now, you have to start to assume what comes and be resilient with it, that is, adapt to whatever it is.

    Nothing is a catastrophe, nothing lasts for life, and nothing is bullshit.

    They are simply things that happen Aquarius. Stop looking for hidden meanings in everything, stop putting yourself at the worst and stop blaming yourself for things that, in reality, you are not to blame for anything. Let yourself go a little more and enjoy the moments that come from Aquarius. You will have a much better time, and believe me that it is something that your mind needs a lot right now: to live in the moment, even if things are bad or at least not as good as you think Aquarius. Stop thinking a bit, stop regretting what happened, and start believing that what will happen will be incredible. Change the Aquarius year. Change your mind.