What Aquarius Wants in a Relationship but Does Not Ask for It

    You are more open; you like to browse, learn, know everything. That you support him in everything and that you get along well with his family or at least try

    Aquarius is not conventional. He is not an ordinary person, perhaps neither simple nor simple and for everything, he is exceptional. Aquarius highly values learning and growth in any way, and they ALWAYS challenge themselves to be a better person and more aware of the world around them. They are attracted to social causes, and in some way, they need to do things that help others, society, their loved ones. And yes, being in a relationship is indeed something that can take a while.

    He is so independent that seeing someone next to him costs him, but he also does it.

    And when she truly falls in love, when she sets her eye on someone, she does everything in her power to try to make them fit. He will even show his most vulnerable and sensitive side. He will love and let himself be loved, very much. But be that as it may, when all the pieces fit together perfectly, Aquarius has a great need for space and personal freedom.