What Aquarius Wants Right Now

    HAKUNA MATATA Aquarius, now you want to live the moment, and you don't want to waste a single second of your time on concerns with a solution Aquarius. You want more Aquarius. You don't know in what way, but you want a lot more emotionally, and that's wonderful. The tests are accurate. YOU ARE NOT an ice cube. Good for you. You want to burn healthily. You want it all.

    2022 has taught you much more than you imagine. It is natural as life itself.

    You have cried, laughed, and felt like never before, but you have learned, matured, and you have become strong, and that dear Aquarius is something incredible. You have faced life quite intelligently, but you have also taken part of your free time to waste due to exhaustion and Aquarius monotony, and that, of course, is what you do NOT want for your new beginning this year.

    Now, you want more excitement, more adventures, more recognition, family free time, and more simplicity.

    Aquarius is very appreciative of it now. Whatever has to come will come, so don't waste time thinking about the future, as simple as that. You are free Aquarius, a very free soul but very sensitive at the same time who cares too much about its people for their actions and everything that matters to them. Nobody knows. Very few people know that you are pure butter and that there is more fire than ice inside you. Still, it's like that Aquarius, and you want to show it to people that you care about. Be you, but with more time to enjoy those little pleasures that will not return Aquarius, be you with time, without haste, calmly and with joy to savor everything, everything. Some experiences await you, and that can be tasty.