What Aquarius Will Never Do

    What would you never do, Aquarius? What does it enter your plans, neither in the short term nor in the long term? Abandon something that you started with great enthusiasm. Leaving in between something you started with great pleasure and that you love. This is Aquarius, and you know it. You have a reputation for being a bit high most of the time, some people have given you the reputation of being quite forgetful, but you know that none of that is true. You are a person detached from people and things that do not interest you, but forgetful about the responsibilities that touch you because you are a very responsible person with the risks you take when you want new things in your life.

    You are one of the kinds of free spirits who think and defend the following: "Life is a blank piece of paper that is worth risking."

    Life is there to experience, live, change, taste, and make it a unique place where there are all kinds of possibilities. You will never put aside being able to try something new, Aquarius, abandoning an idea that makes you very excited or throwing in the towel on a new project. You are Aquarius, and you know that every effort has its reward, but that effort does not fall from the treetops, and that is why you have that innovative spirit. You would never let half the lake matter to you because that would be failing yourself. It is also true that it depends a lot on the type of project it is: if it is not important, you may let it pass. But if it's something big, you grab it tooth and nail if you have to. You know. You Aquarians are people who came destined to change the world. You do not want that position, nobody asked you to be yours, but it is what it is. This gift of yours came standard with your creativity.