What Are the Positive and Negative of Aquarius

    We all, absolutely all of us, have our good things and our not-so-good things. We are not perfect, and surely we will never be, although many do not like that. All signs have positive and negative traits, and these are yours, Aquarius. To start, let's talk about your positive traits. You know perfectly well that you have many of those, but sometimes, it isn't easy to recognize them. The first thing to say is that you are knowledgeable and creative. This could be one of the traits that would best define you. You are a person eager to know and very curious. Your interests are vast. You like to know a little about everything. In addition, since your mind is also creative, it needs to expand, share knowledge, and express everything inside.

    In your life, you need movement, experiment, and grow because if you don't get bored.

    Another of your positive traits is that you are a very independent person, both emotionally and physically speaking. You, Aquarius, do not need anyone or anything to be happy or live comfortably. The best of all is that you love going to your ball, not depending on anyone and that no one depends on you. Depending on someone or vice versa can become quite overwhelming. But also, Aquarius, you are a very peaceful person who always seeks the best for everyone. You are not one of those who go hunting around for free. What's more, you don't like people feeling hurt because of you. You are always doing everything you can to make the world a better place to live, a place where everyone feels safe, a place where there are no injustices or problems. Now it's time to talk about your most negative traits, Aquarius, those that you have indeed ever wanted to change. You are a very unpredictable person, which is why it is challenging for others to understand you. Because your mind is so creative, it always contributes new ideas and opinions. You do not have rules that you usually follow or an established routine. You are more about improvising as you go. Yes, for you, it may be fine, but for the people you live with day today, it is something that is not so easy. And although it may not seem like it, sometimes you are also a bit stubborn.

    You have a very open mind, and you love to listen to the opinions of others, but it would be better if no one tried to change your mind. Better than anyone or even try because you may be in danger.

    Even though you are an excellent listener, Aquarius, it is tough to change your mind. And another of your negative traits is that you are very emotionally distant. You don't like talking about your emotions. You don't like romanticism. You hate having to show what you feel. And sometimes you don't realize it, but being this way, you can do more damage than you imagine, Aquarius. People who trust you expect at least to receive a minimum of love from you, and it bothers you when you don't show your emotions. You have to start working on things, but Aquarius, despite all this, never change.