What Are the Stereotypes of Aquarius That You Should Know

    The Aquarius soul mate would be that person who stimulates their brain, someone intelligent, someone they can love for their mind. Everyone indeed has to enter through the eyes. In the case of Aquarius, it was not going to be less, but the difference is that it also has to be someone special. You have to make him fall in love with the way you are. And this, in the end, is what has the most weight. Aquarius greatly values that they make him feel something special. He loves curious people, people who listen and empathize.

    Aquarius listens a lot but also needs to vent from time to time, and few people have put themselves in their shoes throughout their lives. Few are the people who have been there when they needed it most. Few are those who have understood him.

    It would be impossible for Aquarius to have a conventional relationship, the kind that does not feed you, in which everything is routine, in which everything becomes monotonous. It is not that Aquarius is the joy of the garden (which sometimes it is). Still, it needs to be encouraged that they have concerns like them, that they have interesting conversations that end at 3 in the morning, those that nobody talks about, even those that are half taboo. You need to feel comfortable to start a relationship. You need to feel comfortable to stay.