What Do Aquarius Miss in Love Relationships

    What's the only missing thing right now, Aquarius? What is it that can make you happier than you are now? Very simple, even if you think you have everything, with more 'transparency,' everything would be much better. Let's see, with this. We do not mean that your relationships are based on lies or that you do not have the whole truth in your hands right now. None of that Aquarius. We suggest that there has to be more honest and transparent communication. There has to be much more truth at the moment and not.

    You are a person with a lot of hatred towards conflicts, and many times, for that very reason, you have kept silent about things that you may have to say at the moment in order not to cause wars.

    You have swallowed a lot Aquarius, you have gone through a lot, and you have done everything in the strictest privacy. No dramas, no exaggerations, you have managed everything inside your head and that, in the long run, you know that it causes many problems. For this reason, you need much more truth, more sincerity, more occasions for personal venting with your relationship because then you feel so good when you do it. They think that you are a very cold person who does not feel highly, but your partner knows that inside you are much more sentimental than you appear. It is difficult for you to open up, it is difficult for you to express yourself, it is challenging for you to put yourself in the spotlight and be the one who draws attention for telling the truth. You know it, Aquarius. It is best to take a lot of quality time with your partner to do a good round of questions and answers. If something still disturbs you or that you think still needs to be solved, now is the time. Aquarius should not be left for tomorrow. Everything that can be solved today.