What Does Aquarius Do During Breakup

    Nobody likes to go through something like that. We all know what it is like to have your heart broken and lose that person you loved so much. Each one tries to overcome a breakup. Differently, this is all that Aquarius does during a separation: Even if it is difficult for you, try to run away from those feelings that make you feel like a shitty person. He tries to silence all those voices that say ugly things to him, and although it seems impossible, he tries to flee from what right now does not do him any good. Let's face it, Aquarius also has his sensitive side, and for that, he wants to run away from that relationship in a healthy way. Aquarius does not want problems with anyone, but he does not want to be the fool who suffers and feels more about hurting himself.

    Aquarius is one of those who says, "sorry, we can't be friends."

    They need to nip it in the bud at times like this and forget about that person. He needs her out of his sight and out of his mind. If you leave that person as a friend, it will make it much more difficult to forget them. As they say, killing the dog ends rabies, period. Aquarius wants to act as if nothing had ever happened, so he is going to put that person on the list of people "I don't give a shit," in that place where it is forbidden to speak or maintain any contact, much less a friendship.

    It makes others see that you are not suffering and have already forgotten everything.

    But do not worry. Once Aquarius loves, it is challenging to forget that person. But in the meantime, he wants to make others believe and even make himself feel that he has already overcome it all. Try to avoid thinking about that topic so as not to fall back, so it is better that you do not ask him how he is about that topic and that you respect that he does not want to talk about his emotions. If you want to help him, make him smile, get him out of the house and make him have fun, propose plans that do not make him think about his happy ex.

    After a breakup, Aquarius becomes much more sociable than before.

    At times like this, he seeks his people's support, which is why he loves to surround himself with all those people he loves. That he becomes much more social does not mean that now he will look for a nail that will pull this nail out. It does not mean that you will download all the dating apps. He seeks to find new social circles that make him forget all that pain that he has inside and make him feel that he is alive again. Be careful. It does not mean that they are going to party 24/7. That will never happen to Aquarius, no matter how hurt he is. You'll also need your weekly fix of Netflix and chill at times like this.

    Now Aquarius thinks 100% with reason and 0% with his heart.

    It becomes much more practical than before, or at least it tries. We have already said that Aquarius also has its emotions. Instead of thinking about it and starting to wonder why the relationship did not work out, Aquarius believes that he does not need to analyze anything and that it is best to leave things as they are. It does not mean that you do not care about the breakup. You think that you should not pay too much attention to your emotions because they are much weaker and hurt, so you decide to listen to your reason, which will always be the one that tells you what is true. Must do.