What Does Love Mean for Aquarius

    What does the word 'love' mean for Aquarius? The meaning of 'love' for Aquarius means finding a person who stimulates you mentally and emotionally. Aquarius is a person who, when he feels something, feels it with all his heart and with all his soul. Even if you don't express your feelings as much as you should, you indeed feel more than any other zodiac sign. For this reason, for Aquarius, 'loving' means finding that person with whom you feel good and trust 100% to show you and to teach your feelings.

    Aquarius is a person who is scared of their feelings and is afraid to show them to others because of the fear of what they will say and because others do not accept them well.

    And love is what Aquarius feels for those with whom they feel safe to such an extent that people can be themselves and are not afraid to show what they feel at any time. Aquarius is someone with a vast inner world and incredible creativity; that is why at his side he needs a person who stimulates him and helps him to be able to handle everything that he has inside. Aquarius is attracted to the intellect and loves those who inspire him to express himself openly. He wants to surround himself with people with creativity and much intelligence, who help him continue to grow and give him new knowledge every day; that is what Aquarius really wants in love. Although it seems a complicated sign, you will realize that it is not like that once you meet Aquarius. That he has his things like anyone else, but deep down, Aquarius is an easy person to understand and sage inside. In short, love for Aquarius is a mix between intelligence, feelings, and, not to forget, independence.