What Excuse Aquarius Gives When They Break Up With You

    Aquarius, don't be so negative. Stop making an excuse that you will never make it. Yes, you will, as long as you maintain your strength and your positive energy. If you remain a negative person, in the end, if you realize it, you will ruin your life. The first thing you have to stop doing is underestimate yourself. Aquarius, you are much stronger than you think, and you always manage to get where you propose. You arrive, but it is difficult for you to arrive because of your negativity. As soon as you begin to give yourself the power you deserve and appreciate as you are, you will begin to notice that things are much easier than you thought. You always put yourself in the worst-case scenario and then have a hard time getting out of that endless loop.

    Don't assume you're going to fail without even trying. You have to be strong, Aquarius. Do not get carried away by your weaker side or your darker side.

    What Does It Mean to Dream About Heartbreak? Give yourself a chance to fight; give yourself a chance to take a chance. If you don't risk, you won't win, Aquarius. Stop saying you will never make it, and start saying YES, you will. Enough of being so negative when you know how much you are worth better than anyone. You know it, but it is hard for you to believe it, and therein lies the problem. Aquarius, begin to believe everything you are and all the power you have. You are a person that many envy because you are transparent, and you do not care what others say. Do not be afraid and fight for your dreams. You will get them, whatever it is. Still, you will get as far as you deserveჴ€”enough of the excuses, enough of the negative energy, and enough of underestimating yourself.