What Happens When You Do Something Bad to an Aquarius?

    When you do something terrible to Aquarius, revenge is served. Although Aquarius is a free spirit, he will not let someone take the privilege of doing evil in his life. Aquarius believes in karma; he knows that life always puts everyone in his place, he knows that bad people end up paying for their actions, but Aquarius also likes to impart justice and be the person who serves it on a platter.

    Aquarius is not a person who wastes time in revenge or Machiavellian plans for the person to pay for what he has done. Aquarius is more about action and reaction, about acting as you think, about letting go of whatever comes to your mind.

    Why Leo Should Stay Single Rather Than Having a Bad Company Aquarius, attack as it happens if someone does something terrible to you, right then and there. Aquarius ends it and attacks in the best possible way: through his actions, with his penetrating glances, judging, creating an atmosphere of silence, a silence that cuts. When he does something terrible to Aquarius, next, you will wish you had not done it never, because the shit of conscience will stay with you for life. Aquarius will not hold a grudge or write something terrible for a long time; in his life, there is no room for negative feelings and bad and rotten people.