What Is the Secret to Gain the Trust of Aquarius?

    Aquarius is an extraordinary sign, a person who needs his time and his own space to feel comfortable. Gaining the trust of an Aquarius can be more complex than people think. More than complicated, it could be said that you have to know very well how to get it and that not everyone can live up to this sign. It takes Aquarius a long time to come to trust someone 100% because of the fear of feeling judged or because of the fear of not being able to be the same. And that's where the secret to earning their trust lies.

    To get Aquarius to start trusting you, you have to see that you are a person without prejudice, a person with an open mind, someone who does not judge without knowing.

    What Is the Secret to Gain the Trust of Libra? First of all, Aquarius wants to know if he can be himself and leave behind those fears and insecurities. Aquarius has had to live with criticism for standing out from the crowd criticism for being different from others throughout his life. For this reason, he is now looking for people with whom he can feel comfortable, with whom he can share everything that happens in his head and feel understood. If you want to earn the trust of Aquarius, you already know what to do. Open your mind, remove all prejudices and let yourself go. Show Aquarius that you are different too, listen to him, make him feel that he can be himself by your side, that he can stop being afraid. Do not forget that you should not pressure him at any time; let Aquarius take his time to decide. Once you feel totally free, everything will start to flow.

    But when you have gained their confidence, you should start to worry about how to maintain it.

    And for this, as a basis, you must be faithful and honest at all times. Aquarius is willing to endure much trouble but never betrayal. The idea of betraying him or the idea of lying to him should never cross your mind, even if it is the slightest bit. The moment you discover that someone has the slightest intention of betraying you, that person is immediately out of your life. If you want to maintain their trust, be careful not to betray the trust you already have. Aquarius has a hard time coming to trust completely so that later you come along and betray him. He has been through many simulated situations and does not want to fall into the same networks again.