What Scares Aquarius About Their Future

    What can scare you the most about your nearest future Aquarius right now? Loneliness, without a doubt. Very strong, suitable? It sounds weird about you. The person most detached from the earth is afraid of loneliness. Incredible true? Well, it is not too much. That you are a very accessible person and entirely detached in your day-to-day does not mean that you are not afraid of loneliness because you do have it and lately more than ever. You do not want to be left without your family, without your friends, and without the people that you have gotten to know little by little and who have become everything from nothing.

    You know that it is the law of life to grow, mature, and find your place in this world.

    What Scares Capricorn About Their Future You know that in the end, everyone who is in your life right now will make their lives in different places (including yourself / or Aquarius). You also know that we all have to fly from the nest sometime to find ourselves. You know that you have to fly, that you have to look for what moves you and what you really like in this life and bet on it. But you also know that later, kilometers make the distance harder. You know that you will see the people you love less and less and that in the future, those people will not even exist anymore; Aquarius scares you a lot. You don't want the people you would give your all for disappear, and you don't want your free and rebellious spirit to impose a barrier of mistrust between your people and your Aquarius. You want everything to flow, to continue as before, and for nothing to change. Although there are millions of kilometers apart, you do not want the good to end due to lack of contact or friction. Oblivion Aquarius, you do not want oblivion to enter your nearest future to stay. Even if you are very successful in the workplace, if you do not have your people to do it, you will not want anything. Do not be scared by them, Aquarius, say more times I love you, call more, or do not detach yourself so much from your people and see how they will be with you for life. Even if you go far away, they will not leave you behind.