What Should Aquarius Do When They Need to Rest

    Even the most detached person on earth needs a good moment of relaxation and peace of mind. This is Aquarius, even if it seems that you are in full peace mode at all hours, even if it seems that you are the spirit of the walking Buddha and that you have no worries about the lack of expression on your face, you are a very, very nervous person internally and that, ends up taking its toll ... This is Aquarius, and your mind works like this. It is accurate, and you are an air sign; it may be that you are the one who most represents this element and you, what is best for you when you want to rest is meditation. But of course, you are intelligent in person. You are an exceptionally very creative person, and it may be that meditation ends up boring you little by little. So, what alternative would be the ideal one for you? Well, find something that motivates you a lot. Something that steals all your attention and dedicates a lot of time and love to it. What Should Gemini Do When They Need to Rest

    If you say that you want to relax and get to work to do it, your mind may be more activated than ever and will not let you relax.

    But if you focus on a task or a topic to the maximum, your mind stops thinking about all the other pending tasks and manages to relax. It is a full-blown shock therapy: you work your mind and relax. You give her free rein to rest and think, and she is the one in charge of the information overload. Everything is trying; in your case, you never know. You are unpredictable from beginning to end, Aquarius.