What Things You Should Know Before You Go Out With Aquarius

    It is clear that no one said that Aquarius was an easy sign; it has its things, its hobbies, and above all, that independence that irritates others so much. It is uncontrollable, yes, and that perhaps is what "kills" all those who want Aquarius to be subjected there. These are the 12 things you should know before dating Aquarius:

    1. Aquarius is a super-intelligent person and very deep, so they will not date people who have a small or closed mind. If you are trying to get him to notice you, start having interesting conversations with them and ask meaningful questions. You will never fall in love with someone with two neurons.
    2. They will always need independence in some form. Aquarius suffocates when they try to subdue him or make him stay where he is uncomfortable. If he ever tells you that he needs time alone, don't be overwhelmed; it's not because of you; he needs to recharge his batteries. It's their nature.
    3. He has a great heart, but he will not always seem that way. In fact, she is very detached and somehow does not show all that she feels with love and affection. He always wants to do the right thing, and many times, the right thing is what is not done with the heart but with the head and reason. That's why maybe it doesn't show so much because it doesn't always have to.
    4. Aquarius will be very bored with you if you are a person who does not make him think, who does not motivate him, who does not make him fly. There are many empty people in the world, but Aquarius needs precisely the opposite, people who constantly stimulate. People to look up to.
    5. Sometimes Aquarius will also run away from overly cloying or dependent people. He may want to give you love, but he will always do it in doses. Aquarius is not one of those who leaves EVERYTHING for love or forgets his life for someone. Don't expect any of that. Aquarius has his life very clear, goals, objectives, and dreams. And if you are the one who wants to walk by his side, perfect. But it won't be they who stops.
    6. Like there are super traditional signs, Aquarius is the opposite. She loves meeting people who have their own rhythm, follow their own rules, and are not sheep. He loves spontaneity and that of "what happens what has to happen" without having established anything. Better not premeditate, and less in love.
    7. Aquarius loves to improve the lives of the people around him. Yes, he is someone super unique in that sense. It is easy for him to go anywhere to lend a hand if he is needed. He does not mind staying until the wee hours of the morning talking to you if, in the end, you vent or solve the problem. He doesn't mind giving you the same advice a thousand times if that makes you feel better.
    8. Maybe he doesn't tell you too much that he loves you, maybe he won't hold your hand to take a walk when you want to, maybe he stays a bit distant in terms of demonstrations of love. Still, hey, maybe also, he can come to love you more than anything in the world.
    9. If you need someone who clings to you or depends on everything you do, forget about Aquarius, you will have a hard time. It's not his style, sorry.
    10. Aquarius wants to connect with someone on a deep emotional level; he wants to find that person with whom he will enjoy traveling or in the corner of the bar all his life having a beer. He wants to be happy, share his concerns, and not be ashamed of being able to talk about all that comes to mind. And while connecting that way is difficult, it is not impossible.
    11. Some people are afraid of letting the other be, letting them go, and letting them be free. With Aquarius, the opposite happens; Aquarius loves people who let him be in all his essence, people who trust them, those who accompany him in life instead of holding them back.
    12. Once Aquarius leaves, he doesn't come back, so be smart and don't let him do it.