What to Expect When Going Out With an Aquarius

    Aquarius, the best thing about dating you is your curious and different nature. Many people never try to understand you, and that is why the easy thing for them is to criticize you. Since they don't understand you, they think you're a weird person, someone who seems to have come from another planet. But the people who stop to listen and understand you are the ones who discover that you have so many things to contribute to the world. You are one of those who never follow the rules or the established plan.

    You, Aquarius, are more of going your way and improvising as you go. You like to risk a lot, but you also like to leave your mark and go against the tide. Normal seems boring to you.

    Incredible ideas exist in your mind. Your partner wants to be by your side because he loves those ideas so different and so extravagant that you have. Because he knows how to value your curiosity and your intelligent mind. In addition to all this, Aquarius is a person with a super open mind. You would never criticize someone for thinking differently from you. How do you know what it is to be criticized for being different? The best thing about going out with you is that your partner can be and can think however he wants. In addition, it is just what you are looking for in your life, a person who thinks differently from you and who can bring thousands of new ideas to your life. You really like listening to your partner and sharing ideas with them. And another good thing about dating you, Aquarius, is that you are a person who hates dramas and prefers to solve things in peace. You are not one of those people who gets angry when someone disagrees or thinks differently.

    It is clear that you also have your "bad" things and your minor flaws. Still, you always do everything possible so that they do not interfere in the relationship.

    The best thing about dating you, Aquarius, is that your partner at no time will need to look at the clock and want to leave your side. With you, every second is a different adventure. With you, no one will ever get bored. Time flies by because it really is quality time, time in which to enjoy what you are living. The best thing about going out with you, Aquarius, is being able to enjoy your essence and your great personality.