What You Don't Know About Aquarius When It Breaks

    No one Aquarius, absolutely no one could ever imagine how sensitive you are when you are not going through the best streaks of your life. Seriously, you are very sensitive when it would be your turn to be much more of an Aquarius devil. Even if you don't like to admit it, you know what is true. The funny thing about all this is that that sensitive vein comes out with the least indicated people.

    Indeed, Aquarius, with the people who deserve the least from you, is the one with whom you show the most sensitivity, but with the one who deserves the most from you is the one that you punish the most with your whip of absolute indifference and you know it well.

    What Does It Mean to Dream About Wind? Of course, you do not do it on purpose; it is clear that you punish the people you love the most because you love them more than anything. It may sound contradictory, but it is the truth. You are not one of those people who goes with the story of what happens to the first stranger or acquaintance they have. NO, no, and no, for you to explode and say what is happening to you, you need much trust in between, and that is why you end up paying for your broken dishes with your people because they are the ones who know you the most already the ones you love madly. You feel much confidence in their company, and you pay with them, what you should pay with Aquarius air, and you know it. But hey, this is the theory, this is what you do to them when you are not well, but you usually do something much different, Aquarius. It is to pretend nothing had happened. You let the ball get bigger and bigger and explode when it doesn't have to. You let it pass, and you are dragging it with you AQUARIUS; that happens when you are not well and when you do not want any more conflicts in your life.