What You Want Vs What You Need Aquarius

    What you want:

    In a relationship, Aquarius, you want a person who is just like you. Make it different and out of the ordinaryჴ€”someone who reflects all your qualities, both the good and the bad. You want a person who knows how to value your freedom and never overwhelms you. You want to feel that no one depends on you to be happy and that you let you do what you want without having to depend on anyone's opinion. You want a person who surprises you every day you spend together, who is a mystery or a box of surprises. Someone who also lets you enjoy your solitude those days where you feel that routine begins to appear in your life. You like people who catch your attention from the first moment, either because they are different, intelligent, or have a unique charisma. You don't want a person who has a pretty face but an empty interior. Those kinds of people have no place in your heart.

    What you need:

    You need a person who is proud to be by your side, congratulating you on every achievement you achieve in your life. You don't need a person who is identical to you, and you need an opposite pole with whom you can share different adventures. You need a self-confident person who can provide you with security whenever you need it. Aquarius, you need someone who makes you enjoy love without fear and brakes. You need a spontaneous person who does not think a thousand times before acting. But above all, you need someone who respects your space, your points of view, your freedom, and your way of being. It would be best if you had someone who never puts limits on your dreams but who also stops you in those moments where you are about to commit a madness that you may regret.