When Aquarius Goes Crazy

    When Aquarius crosses the line and gets angry, stop talking directly to the person he got angry with. Well, directly stop talking to everyone so that no one notices that something 'strange' is happening. He locks himself in his room, listening to his favorite music to try to forget that problem and feel better. But he does not realize that this will not solve anything. Aquarius will try to ignore the source of his problem for as long as possible, hoping that it will help calm him down. But you will not find the solution through this 'remedy.'

    Aquarius is a person who goes through absolutely everything, and even more so when the environment smells of discussion and drama. In those moments, Aquarius flees and hides so as not to end up in something he does not feel like doing.

    When Libra Goes Crazy If Aquarius cannot relax and the anger is still latent, he will enter a loop of confusion he will not be able to get out. And that loop will make you lose your patience and come to the worst. At that moment, Aquarius will discharge all his negative feelings whatever and with whoever. Aquarius needs to vent one way or another, and until he loses his patience, he does not do it. Once you take out everything that is inside you and realize the reality, you will be a bit 'ashamed' to talk to that person again about everything that has happened. It will cost you a lot to talk to that person again; you will even be a somewhat proud person and will wait for the other person to come and ask for forgiveness. And yes, this is Aquarius when the wire is crossed.