When Does Aquarius Finds Their Love

    Aquarius is a person who tends to be quite cold to protect himself. Aquarius knows that he has finally found THAT person when he can finally let his guard down. If there is something that Aquarius wants to keep under lock and key, it is his heart because he knows that no one will break it this way. But when he finds that person, Aquarius can break all the walls that protect his heart to give it to her. Aquarius is finally at peace with himself and with others. You tend to stray far away from people when you see that they are close enough to hurt you. And that's why he hadn't let anyone enter his heart entirely until now. Because now he knows that THAT person would never be able to hurt him or anything like that. And it will be that person who marks a before and after in the life of Aquarius.

    That person will teach Aquarius that there are not only bad people in the world and that goodness exists more than you think. Aquarius will let that person live in his heart for as long as he wants.

    In Aquarius' plans, the one of 'falling in love has never entered. Still, thus, without expecting it and in an unexpected way, love has come into his life, and now he refuses to say no. It has been challenging, but Aquarius finally feels a more profound connection than ever with that person and knows that he will always be by his side for good times and bad. He knows that he is THAT person. After all, his way of seeing life has changed more than necessary because now he sees himself with more strength and with more self-love than before. Because now he is the person he had always wanted to be.