Who Can Be the Perfect Partner for Aquarius

    It is true, Aquarius, that you are a bit reluctant about love, but when you fall in love, you really fall in love. You are a sign with an inner world that rarely comes to light. Maybe on the outside you seem cold even without feelings, but on the inside you can get to hold feelings that few other people have. They may think that you have a heart of stone, but when you fall in love you show that it is not true. But to fall in love you have to find your soul mate.

    Your soul mate is that very intelligent person, but with a very open mind.

    Someone with whom you can share all your oddities and at no time feel judged or pressured to be something that you are not. You fall in love with people's minds and not just a physical one. You always go further. Your perfect partner is that curious person, who always wants to know more, who questions anything and who struggles to know the unknown. It is also true that your soulmate has to be a person with a lot of patience because reaching your heart is not an easy thing.

    You are not one of those who says what you feel the second day of being with someone.

    That is why it needs a lot of patience and it has to be someone who knows how to listen for when you are willing to open up and express all that you keep in there. Perhaps it is also important that you have a point of sensitivity, to be able to bring out your most sensitive and loving side to you. You do not want someone who is very cloying and always has romantic details. You want someone who goes outside the box, who has enough energy to make each day different, someone with whom the routine does not exist. For example, Aquarius, your perfect soul mate could be someone from Sagittarius, someone with the same desire to live as you, for you he would be your perfect adventure companion, he is also a fairly intelligent person with a very open mind. You may also be quite attracted to that dark and non-conformist character that Scorpio has, but perhaps it is too sensitive and unstable for you, Aquarius. With someone from Libra things can also work quite well, since he is also a person with whom you will never get bored and being so similar to you he will understand you quite well.