Why Aquarius Can't Let Go?

    At the moment of truth, Aquarius is very afraid of having to face a farewell that he does not want to come. When push comes to shove, Aquarius prefers to retain rather than let go. He does not say it, he does not want it to show in his gestures, he is afraid that that vulnerable part of him will be seen but it is the truth, Aquarius suffers a lot when he feels a huge emptiness in the hole of his heart. Deep down, Aquarius has a hard time saying goodbye to something or someone that is part of their daily life. If you had to say goodbye to an object, a sign or an amulet that accompanied you for a long time, it would be almost traumatic, because Aquarius is very spiritual in these cases and if you have something that was a gift from someone as an amulet, neither goodbye nor see you later, or anything like that, Aquarius could not part with it in life. Therefore, if he gave in and did, it would be very hard, because Aquarius would feel that something is missing, a part of his body, a piece of his mind, he would be naked / or without his company. What Are the Zodiac Signs That Most Hate Goodbyees If the farewell is limited to the theme of love or friendship, it would be the same but with touches of melancholy. That is, Aquarius could say goodbye, could say goodbye and could embark on a new path, of course, but his mind would be in charge of bringing him remorse and charges of conscience. Your mind would be your personal alarm clock, the one that alerts you to what you did, the culprit that you never forget and no, it is not a dish of good taste for Aquarius. The feeling of having failed by saying goodbye, Aquarius does not want it even in paint.