Why Aquarius Feels He Cannot Continue

    If you feel that you want but you CANNOT Aquarius, you have to find out why and not; this time, you are NOT going to let it go as you do with most of the problems that arise. This time it is not worth turning a deaf ear; it is not worth going unnoticed / or Aquarius; this time, you are going to face those fears that appear when you are at peace; you are going to face those demons that flood your mind when everything is luxurious. Look Aquarius, that's it when everything is going great deep down inside of you, there is an alert that tells you, "I'm sure something is going to come, and it is going to screw everything up." You know it, and that is what you should change right now. Right now, the fear of failure or the fear of having a more challenging time achieving what you want is holding you back more than you know yourself.

    Let's see Aquarius if you have to face a situation that you do not want to face or that causes you a lot of tiredness, boredom, and patriotism, go step by step and do not try to solve it in half an hour as you almost always pretend when you get down to it. The work.

    The things of the palace, Aquarius, go slowly, and everything takes time. Yes, you are pure dynamite, and if you do something, you do it as soon as possible so that you have more time and dedicate it to your hatred. Yes, that is very good, but you are a very responsible person, and that should be fun to apply in matters that can no longer be prolonged. So, if there is something you have pending with someone, close it as soon as possible, and no, do not let it pass again. Start to make contact with everything that bothers you and take it to your comfort zone so that you like it and so you can solve it as soon as possible.