Why Aquarius Has Too Soft Heart

    Aquarius, you know that you constantly surround yourself with many people; this is not a discovery. There is always a wide circle of people near you who love you, appreciate you, envy you, and follow you closely. Some adore you, others idolize you, and many love you out of pure interest. Most of all, those people know your personality, tastes, and quirks, but very few know the greatness and goodness you have in what some call heart. Your heart is like your essence, rebellious from birth and free like the Aquarian wind, and you would never change that for the world. It softens with many things, but it also becomes strong with many other things. It gets strong every time you say NO, every time you fight for your dreams, and every time you go against the current. It suffers when you get frustrated, when you push yourself too hard, when you don't take care of yourself, and when you don't let it heal completely. You like to have a margin of distance with the people around you so that it does not suffer so that it is safe so that no one touches it too much and believes itself to be the owner of it.

    Your mini Aquarius problem is that you establish very intense relationships quickly. These relationships then end in nothing, and that, to your heart, it takes a toll on your friend Aquarius; it hurts a lot.

    Your heart. A good heart will make you believe in yourself first and then in everything else. That is your Aquarius; that is the best gift that life has been able to give you.