Why Aquarius Is Considered as the Most Authentic Sign

    Your element is the Aquarius air, and of the three signs that are part of this element, you are the one who does it the most honor and justice because you are the most accessible, most dynamic, creative, and sociable person on Earth Aquarius, although some think otherwise. They say about you that your fame is that of being a very, very cold person who does not have a heart or that if you do, it is in the form of a maximum block of ice, but those of us who know you know that this is nothing more than a shell that you have been putting on with time, to keep your emotions safe and so that only those who deserve it will know them.

    Your character is authentic for many things, Aquarius, but what stands out the most is one thing, something that does you much honor and that not everyone can boast of: your character is the most detached in the entire universe.

    What Are the Scorpio Stereotypes Almost Always True The prize for the most detached character in love, in friendship, and almost everything in life is for you, Aquarius. But do not panic, this does not mean that you go through everything in life and that you are only interested in yours, nothing of that, that has a little strategy well hidden there, because you always manage to find out everything, everything, everything before anyone else. You are someone with a very detached character. Still, inside, you are someone who cares a lot about people's well-being and fights firmly so that everyone in this world has a voice, vote, freedom, and privacy. You hate injustices, and you detest people who discriminate. You cannot agree with the ideas of antiquity that are still around in this Aquarian century. Your character does not let you overwhelm yourself in front of a problem because immediately, your mind activates the call button and makes your intelligence work hard to find a solution to any problem, be it huge, big, or small. You love to interact with people, but in a fair measure, neither too much nor too little, which causes much mystery around you; that is what makes your character very different from that of others; that is what draws the most attention to you. Rest towards you, that you are someone very different from others.