Why Does Aquarius Fear to Fall in Love

    The most equitable person in love award is for you, Aquarius, and a little more. You could take the award for the most respectful because if something is true, it is the fact that you know how to live and let live. Love does not give you any fear because what are you terrified of? The truth is almost nothing, you are Aquarius, and if something is true, you know how to look at life with a well-placed pair. Aquarius always with a lot of courage and a lot of courage, the things of the past have made you be someone strong of mind and heart, and you know it perfectly. But hey, the fact that you do not have enormous fears does not mean that you do not have fears or ideas that do not make you a drop of grace in love, how to lose your independence due to a relationship that goes from being causal to being a lot longer.

    You are a person very prone to broken relationships for that very reason because that is how you are in charge. You are the one who controls and who knows perfectly well that this will have an expiration date.

    You are prone to love with an end date because that ensures you fly again, but oh, Aquarius! When you least expect it, and you fall when your world does take a radical turn. There, there, you can get scared because someone comes and tears your world to pieces and, to top it all, you fall in love, It is an improvised plan that makes you vulnerable and that deep down you like, with fears, but you like Aquarius, do not deny it. At the exact moment in which your partner is your ideal travel partner, the fears go away to the garbage head. There are no fears that can or are worth anything concerning equality, transparency, and creativity.