Why Everyone Hate or Dislike Aquarius So Much?

    Face it, more than once, you've thought that you're some weirdo who acts very differently from everyone else. There are times when you have come to think that this is not your planet. Then, you have a much better place somewhere where honesty is always present. But that is the Aquarius question, that you are very different from others. That is what makes you bigger and bigger.

    You like being the weirdo in the family, and you know it. You want to stand out for being different, making a difference, and having initiative. You don't rule yourself over what others may think of you.

    You always act with your instinct well activated, with your rules well imposed, and with a firm step. You don't let anything or anyone stop you and make you falter at the last minute, which doesn't sit well with everyone. But beneath all that armor of initial security, of extreme firmness, and inimitable courage hides a heart that is afraid of being rejected. A person who has a panic to love and not be loved is hiding.

    Aquarius, you are much more sentimental than you would like to accept, and if you played with your heart once, you have the problem of thinking that it will always be that way.

    That's why you think they don't love you. For this reason, you feel that they do not value you or take care of you as they should. They have taken advantage of your goodness, but you know that fate always puts everyone in their place. Failed relationships, there are many, but a pure and sincere heart like yours does not. If you don't let them see that little piece of heaven you hide so much for safety, you don't let them see the great person you have inside. If you only show your most rebellious, cold, distant, and somewhat crazy part, they adopt a very different image than the one you hide. You don't care what they talk or what they think, no? It's not true. You care a lot. Because deep down, you want to be loved and let them be loved.