Why Is Aquarius Insuperable

    Despite all the bad, you resist. Despite all the impediments and tests that have put you in your way, you are still facing Aquarius. Despite all the bad things, you always get to see the good side of things. Being Aquarius is not a gift. It is not an obligation or a condition. Being an Aquarius is a gift from heaven because the philosophy of life that you carry within is one of the most flattering of the entire zodiac, and that is what makes you be. Someone insurmountable. Your rebelliousness, restlessness, weird sense of humor and Aquarius quirks all make up a bundle of great things to toast and be very proud of. Hopefully, more people with the light that you give off when you go down Calle Acuario, hopefully, many more people with your philosophy of life, because you really make a difference from minute one and make your personality enviable.

    You are the helping hand always there. Even in the worst moments, you do not leave. You stay until the end, making pineapple with yours, honoring your name, and valuing yourself, that above all, because you value your life a lot and even more, that of the people in it.

    That makes you essential Aquarius. The positivity you show when your people are low is the light that blinds the envious who do not like you well and want to see you fall. You do a lot for people, and you also suffer from more most of the time. You get involved like nobody else in their stories. You make them yours because you don't want them to be wrong that honors you, Aquarius, but it makes you impossible. The emptiness and the cold that remains in that hole that forms when you leave cannot be filled with anything.