Aries Child - March 21 to April 20

    Discover the dominant traits of the astral personality of the Aries child and how you can help stimulate their healthy development.

    Aries marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the rebirth of the natural world. The Aries child is full of energy, action, and joy. Assertive and fair, you especially need to feel loved and supported. It will develop with positive reinforcement and lots of hugs. He is courageous, but his strength comes from positive energy. He is an eternal optimist and passionate about life and the people he loves and cares for. Aries children are creative, passionate, impulsive, and ambitious, and they can also be quite impatient. Born artists get bored easily and are always looking for new adventures. So you have to keep them busy with many different activities and environments.

    Characteristics of the Aries Sign

    • Date - from March 21 to April 20 (+/-)
    • Keyword - I AM
    • Attributes - Passionate, aggressive, self-centered, competitive, creative, courageous, enthusiastic, innocent, independent, direct, dynamic, enterprising, impatient, irritable, individualistic, pioneering, hasty, resilient, stubborn
    • Boost - Discover
    • Ruling planet - Mars
    • Element - Fire
    • Quality - Cardinal
    • House - First
    • Color - Red
    • Opposite sign - Libra

    Your Little Aries Child

    The Aries child is adventurous, fearless, and enthusiastic. While still a baby, he wants to explore the world, make mischief, and have exciting experiences. He likes to try new things and do things his way. After all, he is the master of the house, and he likes to do what he pleases, whatever the moment. Since Aries are also natural leaders, your baby will be independent at a very young age, preferring to dress and feed themselves. He hates being contradicted and has a hard time accepting rules and advice. It can become a stubborn little one. The best way to avoid this attitude is to make him feel good by explaining clearly what he can and cannot do and why. Arguments like "because I'm the boss" or "because I'm the boss" don't usually work. If answered, he will become angry and may have a tantrum. The good news is that it will be short. Your Aries baby doesn't have time to waste it in big tantrums. It is quickly forgotten and moves on to the next entertainment. Full of energy, your Aries baby is dedicated to doing many things (simultaneously), physical activity, competition, and showing his leadership skills. Fearless and fearless, he does not measure danger. So you have to make sure that your house is proof of your Aries asset. Keep everything safe: window closed, plugs protected, doors and cabinets closed. Leaving the Aries child alone at home is dangerous. Bored, you might go up to the most unlikely places just because you can. Like his older natives, the Aries child can have bouts of impatience. Everything has to happen as and when it wants, that is, now! Aries must be taught to wait and understand that everything takes time to pay off. In the process, you will learn to be self-motivated and to enjoy yourself on the go. The Aries child is optimistic. Passionate about life and people, he looks at the world with enthusiasm and a great desire to explore. Sleeping is a waste of time, never enough to get everywhere. She loves bright, warm, and exotic colors, just like her personality. Your environment has a great influence on your mood. When you live with calm, tolerant, and caring people, you create an inner world full of harmony. For Aries, life is an eternal smile. She loves pampering, gifts, compliments, and attention.

    The Aries Child Personality

    It's irresistible because:

    • He is an inexhaustible energy source, always ready to try new games.
    • His adventurous spirit is a challenge for everyone - he wants to learn and do something new every day.
    • He can laugh at his antics and is a funny kid.

    It can be difficult because 

    • He is impatient and wants everything at that exact moment.
    • Can't control your urges
    • You can have tantrums if you don't get what you want.

    Has some secrets:

    • He may seem indifferent and have everything under control, but he has a sentimental personality.
    • His feelings are of great loyalty towards his parents, friends, and all those who take care of him and with whom he entertains.
    • He is always willing to help his friends and is very careful with his feelings.


    • Get the attention of parents, friends, and everyone with whom you interact
    • Do everything quickly: eat, change diapers, leave the house
    • Be the center of the world of the people you love
    • Do what they tell you not to do

    Does not like:

    • To receive orders
    • Getting stuck in the parks and the stroller
    • Going to bed early and finish playing before feeling tired
    • Uninteresting people who bore you

    What the Aries Child Desires Most from His Parents

    The Aries child thrives on tenderness and is happy when he feels the center of his parent's world. When you realize that you are important to those around you, you gain the confidence to develop your deeply independent character. However, all the elements are important in a family, and the little Aries must understand this. The arrival of a sibling, for example, should be explained calmly, and it should be clear that the parents will always be by their side, even if they share care with another baby. Aries needs stimulation to reach their creative potential. But it is not demanding. Attention is what matters most. Having someone to share your accomplishments and adventures with who cares about your progress. Individualist, he can spend a lot of time on his things, although he appreciates all group games as long as the rules are his. Don't let failures, big or small, shake your self-esteem. Teach them that self-confidence is a fundamental ability to achieve their goals and be happy. Your Aries baby needs noise, fun, and excitement to keep her tireless mind busy and use up her inexhaustible reserves of energy.

    How to Stimulate the Talents of your Aries Child

    The characteristics of your Aries child make him an irresistible child and a faithful adventure companion. Passionate about life and people, many of your personality traits will be maintained, reinforced, or diminished throughout your life. To develop their gifts and talents, keep the following aspects in mind when living with an Aries child:
    • Respect and nurture their need for movement. Physical and extracurricular activities are great ways to express yourself physically, train your fighting spirit, and expend energy.
    • Praise their initiatives and encourage their good deeds. Give him big hugs as a reward.
    • Value and encourage your little leader through positive reinforcement and participation in activities that allow him to exercise his leadership skills.
    • Let him try new activities that meet his interests. Avoid routine and do things just because it is thrilling to do new things.
    • Avoid imposing limits on actions or behaviors that lead to conflict or frustration. Say "no" whenever necessary, but don't impose your will because you are the adult. Use humor to guide you where you want to take it.
    • Quietly explain the reasons for your decision in simple language that the child understands.
    • Help the Aries child to master his impulsive instinct. Teach him to think calmly before acting and tell him that all behaviors and decisions have consequences for him and others.
    • As Aries is individualistic, a characteristic that defines his personality throughout his life, it is very important that the child of this sign learn to respect the rhythm of others, be tolerant, make concessions, and share.
    • Another essential point is to teach your Aries child to be patient, wait for results, and persist even if things do not happen at the desired time. Aries, in general, loses motivation when he has to wait too long, when things don't go his way, or when results take longer to appear than he would like. Teach him to take it easy, enjoy the road, and not just want to conquer the goal and the prize.

    A Brief Note on Cusps

    If your child was born on the cusp of a Zodiac sign, that is, in the first or last days of the date range of each sign (or when he was born "between two signs"), it may reveal personality traits of the signs. Found on both sides of the cusp. If your child has a small cusp, check both signs, and you may discover some traits of both in your child's character.

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