How Aries Flirts Vs How It Is With a Partner

    How you flirt:

    When you are single, you tend to be overconfident, Aries, and the truth is that you like direct flirting. In other words, if there is someone you have set your eyes on, you know very well that you are going to go for it. You know very well that you will not dedicate yourself to anything other than achieving your goals. You release the first if you see that the other person does not jump, and yes, you take a risk. You say much of what you are feeling, but not everything. You always keep something in your bedroom just in case. But you make it very clear what your concerns are and your intentions. When you want to flirt with someone, it is almost a show. Your goal is not only for that person you like to notice that you are in love but also to admire you for who you are genuine. And what they see is what there is.

    How you behave in a serious relationship:

    When you start a relationship, things slow down a bit. You take things more calmly. Yes, you are passionate, with a partner and without a partner, but perhaps you take things more relaxed when you have one. You always want to keep the flame alive, and when they cannot follow that philosophy, you turn off too much. And worst of all, you start to get disappointed. Being in a relationship means taking too big a step, and you are proud of the bonds you form, but you always hope that the rest will give the same to you. You always hope that they will provide you with what you offer.