How Aries Wants to Make the World a Better Place

    As everyone already knows, Aries is a fire sign that has a lot of power over others and over itself. He is a born leader and from the moment he is born he makes it very clear that here the only one in command is the Aries himself. He has a tremendous capacity to change the world and to change whatever he wants.

    Aries is raw energy and adrenaline and is not afraid to fight for what he does not believe in or what he believes is being unfair and difficult for others.

    He is VERY direct and when there is something he does not like, Aries goes, drops the bomb and that's it. Who does not like to hold on? Not only does he say it, but he begins to fight and take action to change all that. Aries is more about action than a word, you know. It is extremely active when it comes to causes like this, and thank goodness. Many more Aries are needed around the world. Aries knows perfectly that he is nobody to rule the world and that there are many things that do not depend on them, but whenever he can, he wants to contribute his bit. Because for Aries, there is no greater fear than doing nothing and seeing how the problems get worse little by little. And best of all is that Aries does not like to lose, and for that reason, he will give everything to change what he thinks is unfair.

    Even if you do not influence Aries directly, you will do everything you can to help those people who are so affected. Losing is not in his plans, and seeing how there are people suffering and they do nothing to change that, either.

    If you say you are going to change the world, you do it, period. Aries is not one of those who talk a lot and do little. Aries does not mind getting up from the couch and going out to fight for what they think they deserve and for what they think the rest of the world deserves. Aries wants to change the world little by little but knows that for this you have to fight and A LOT.