How to Conquer a Aries

    1. If there is space, freedom, trust and loyalty, there is half a battle won to reach your Aries heart.

    You do not want to share your life with a paranoid person who is calling you every two to three to find out where and with whom you are, you do not want your relationship to become toxic because of mistrust. By your side, you want someone who has full confidence in your actions and who has the same freedom as you, someone with whom you can create a strong relationship but who at the same time has their own wings and enjoys their independence. Nothing better than that right?

    2. If the person who wants to make a hole in your heart shares an element with you, there are more possibilities, the fire with the fire has the intensity assured.

    Your element is Aries fire and it is obvious that you could have more compatibility with people who are of the same element, in this case it would be Leo and Sagittarius. But you cannot take anything for granted Aries and you know it, because possibly you will find yourself much better with an opposite, with someone who breaks your rules, who does not go along with you and who makes your curiosity want more and more. If the person you want to conquer is fire, intensity and passion would be assured, but if it were not, the challenge would be more interesting ... How to Conquer a Virgo

    3. To truly conquer you, you have to know how to appreciate the small important details that are NOT material.

    You know that your heart is warrior and strong like him alone, but you also know that deep down he is quite emotional and that he loves those little details much more than anything ostentatious material that will eventually end up breaking Aries.

    4. Adventures, surprises and very passionate intimacy. This trio is ideal to be able to get a place in that protected and warm heart that you have Aries.

    You are a person of action and you are much happier when you can do that with someone who enjoys it just like you and you know it Aries. If that someone accompanies you on your adventures and proposes new things, they could have a little hole in your Aries heart.

    5. With simplicity and transparency the opportunities to be by your side can grow.

    Whoever really loves you won't mind fighting to get to know you better. Aries, your face many times does not express what you really want, behind those smiles there are many hidden fears, whoever knows how to see them and end them wins the position of honor that is to the left of your heart. How to Conquer a Libra

    6. Get to the point and do not prolong what could be a good moment, your patience does not want to leave for later what you can enjoy here and now.

    You like the mystery, you like that an atmosphere of curiosity and intense passion is created, you love that you fall in love little by little Aries, but you are not the holy patience in person and that of waiting and waiting and extending the passion until the end can have the opposite effect and make that passion disappear with the wind. You know.

    7. With deeds and not with words.

    Words go away over time, disappear, change out of nowhere and then end up creating confusion and misunderstandings that touch your Aries nose a lot. Words, over time and in your opinion, turn out to be much more cowardly than facts, because facts last over time and cannot be modified. What is, is what there is, a word can be manipulated, but a fact cannot. You like the truth Aries and whoever wants you in their life, has to put it into practice.