How to Know if Aries Man or Woman Is Fallen in Love

    When you fall in love, Aries, your whole world changes, it's true, change the way you see the world, changes the way you do things, changes the way you manage your feelings. At first, Aries, you have a hard time knowing if you are in love or not, or if you like that person, and that's it. But certain things in your heart and in your mind make you detect little by little if you are falling in love. Like, for example, you know that that person is really someone important to you when you can't contain your feelings for another second. In general, Aries, you are quite an impulsive person. Still, there are times when you prefer to control impulses to keep your heart safe. But when you truly fall in love, there is no longer any control over those feelings. You already don't care to tell that person that you like him and that you feel things for him. You no longer want to put a shell on your heart or try to suppress your feelings. When you truly fall in love, you feel a kind of liberation, and you feel like, in the end, you can be yourself without fear of anything.

    You know perfectly well that you are in love when there is nothing else in your head when all you want is to spend most of your time with that person.

    Gemini Couple When passion takes over you, Aries is when you really realize that you are starting to feel something more for that person. You look for the ways and the ways to be close to that person and what you really want is for them to be by your side as much as possible. You know this is serious when you feel that you want to live life without fear with that person. When you want to live with them a thousand adventures, a thousand trips, a thousand experiences, and you are not afraid of anything by their side. You don't care about everything else; all you want is to spend your life with that person because you know that with them, you can be a better person, and you can be the best version of yourself. When you fall in love, Aries, you are all passion and pure fire. You love without limits, and the only thing that matters to you is to keep moving forward in your relationship. You even know that you are in love because finally, you stop being so afraid of the damn commitment.