The Most Beautiful Side of Aries

    The most beautiful thing you can have, Aries, is your smile. But not just any Aries smile, yours, the real one, the real one. The one that comes out when you're comfortable, the one that steals everyone's attention and leaves anyone senseless. That same one. Aries. Your smile is more powerful than money, more effective than any medicine, and much brighter than the sun. It sounds corny, but it is the truth because when you are well, Aries, the environment around you is optimistic. It is impossible to have a gray day by your side. Your smile shows the internal fire that is in you, that fire that does not want to go out, that does not want to stop giving light and shining. Your smile shows your most human face, Aries, your warmest and good side. You can seem like a cold person on many occasions, you do not like to be teased, and that is why sometimes you adopt an attitude that does not do you justice. Still, you relax and let your happiness come out when you show yourself as you are. The light, you realize that it is impossible not to smile with you because truly Aries, by your side, with a good attitude, anything is possible. The Most Beautiful Side of Leo

    The most beautiful thing in you is your inner happiness and the way it is projected.

    When those lips curl and draw your happiness, the world stops Aries; seriously, you waste energy, positivity, strength, good vibes, and much happiness.