What Aries Wants in a Relationship but Don't Ask for

    Aries: That you stay by his side constantly, even in crises, that you understand that sometimes he cannot repress his energy, that you do not throw in the towel when things go wrong.

    Aries has a super passionate side. He enjoys life very much. Although he cries in equal parts and has a hard time many times, he feels privileged to live the way he wants. Aries is a fire sign, and obviously, for this reason, he loves to be a leader in almost everything he does in life. It is not about following rules but rather about setting them. It is true that he likes people who challenge him a bit, people with personalities who are not afraid of him. He likes to be told that something is not correct when it is not and not by those super-submissive people. With these people, Aries gets bored very much. It all has to be said, and when Aries sets its eyes on a person that interests it, it will do everything it can to achieve it. It may be fickle for many things, but it won't be for this one. Also, when he falls in love, he becomes a loyal, intense person, an exciting person for everything. However, even when everything is going well in the relationship, Aries would love to have that assurance that they will not throw in the towel when things can get a bit twisted. Tips on How Scorpio Can Improve Their Relationship

    She wants you to show her that whatever happens, you will be there, even when it's too direct or too harsh with you.

    Sometimes, Aries understands that what they think or what they say is not always as others, but they do not want to stop being who they are for fear of others' thoughts. You don't want to cut yourself off saying something you believe for fear of being abandoned. Being Aries is not straightforward; that is clear, that's why you want someone to stay by your side always. It would be best if you had it.