What Aries Will Never Do

    You are a very independent person and very, very free Aries and whoever knows you well will know that this is something that cannot be changed, varied or negotiated ... Obviously, what you will never do is a change for and for others, that kind of nonsense It's not on your list of things you can do for love, and you know it. You are an Aries leader; a person with a compelling and hot philosophy of life, as is your character and that of being a "submissive person" so that there are no problems because it doesn't suit you.

    You prefer to fight for and defend your opinion, to shut up and do what others do just so that war does not occur. You are very faithful to your principles, which can be seen from afar.

    What Are You Fighting Against This Week You know how hard it is to be like this, Aries. You are somewhat used to making decisions from which everyone runs away because of their harshness. You throw yourself into the void, you do not doubt, although inside you tremble to the soul, you are a very impulsive person, and that of letting yourself be carried away by the current and by the thoughts of others, nothing is going for you at all ... You do not need the approval of no one to be who you are and to do what you really want to do. Asking permission to be able to chase each and every one of the dreams in your mind is something that Aries has never crossed your mind. Possibly you would not do it even though they will pay you a millionaire. You are like this, very faithful to your robust, decisive, and ambitious principles, just as you are. Who does not want to assume it? Let him swallow very slowly and chew as much as he can because if not, he will choke. Aries, you don't change, and that's what makes you great.