What Does Love Mean for Aries?

    What does the word 'love' mean to Aries? For Aries, love is something that goes beyond something that is intangible and that does not occupy only the heart of a person. Loving someone for Aries means keeping a commitment for life. It means being faithful to each other and making the relationship work in the best possible way. For Aries, love is finding someone who knows how to understand their defects and respect their hobbies.

    A person with whom you are not afraid to be who you are. For Aries, falling in love is one thing, and love is quite another. Loving is not something temporary, and it is something that should last a lifetime.

    Aries does not want love to be complacent, but it should be fun, dynamic, and exciting. You don't want love to be routine and monotonous. For Aries, the word 'love' means finding a way to make routine less boring. It has to be what provides that spark and that emotion that is lacking from day to day. For Aries, love not only means loving another person, but it also means loving yourself. Believing in yourself and loving you is also essential and takes place in the person's meaning to love. Aries is one of those who believes that if you don't love yourself, no one will love you, and they are right. For Aries, love is a matter of two, yes, but it has to be a matter of oneself before that. Without a doubt, the definition of 'love' for Aries would be a mix between commitment, fidelity, fun, and emotion.