What Happens When You Do Something Bad to an Aries?

    Aries for good is the best thing you can come across in your life. For good, it is perfect / or, now, for bad, it is the evilest that you can come across in your life; seriously, Aries does not go with childish the time to bring out its darkest side because of external attacks. When you do something terrible to Aries, you have to pray that you can tell about it later, of course. When someone attacks Aries, that someone finds the answer in a straightforward way and without anything of anesthesia. The best of all? That Aries attacks face to face, nothing to throw the stone and hide the hand, that kind of cowardice does not go at all with his personality. Aries always leaves a mark to mark forever, and in this case, it was not going to be less.

    The person in question, who has dared to harm Aries, will regret it for life.

    Because even if he has a heart that does not fit in his chest, he knows how to be dark when he has to be, Aries cannot bear injustice, falsehood, imperfect people who enjoy hurting others, and no, that Aries cannot live among evil.