What Is an Advice That Aries Should Hear to

    You have reasons to take care of those shells you have been making throughout this time. Why be stingy when it comes to showing your feelings? Why continue to be suspicious when you could be so much more Aries? It is fair that you do not want to show yourself from the first Aries. Still, it is not healthy for you to repress your true SELF. No, it is fair to you, Aries, and of course, it is not good because you should express everything that you feel just as good as when you express something with which you disagree. There is the key, if it is something for which you have to fight, defend or fight, you express yourself better than anyone, but when it is time to express your heart, you close in the band and do not let God enter there, to your fire internal, to your mind, your bed and your familiar warmth.

    You do not know the good you do to your people when you let yourself be loved, and you have no idea how comforting it is to see your most sensitive side Aries, with him, even the coldest person in the world, ends up falling in love with you.

    The advice you need to hear right now is this, Aries: past stepped on, present in front, and to hell with what Aries people think from now on, it's perfect for you.  Let yourself be loved, pampered, and seen with the people you love, with those who deserve it but do it, Aries.
    Please do not end up being a slave to your silence Aries, and you are fire, do not forget it.